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Libra Sexual Compatibility: Easygoing and Flirtatious in Bed

go to site Plus, with Libra's need for harmony and the fact that they both love challenges makes theirs a relationship with the potential for success. Though the connection between an Aries and a Libra is amazing when it's good, it can be extremely challenging when it's bad. Aries and Libra are opposites in most ways, and as strange as it might see, it's the ways they are similar that are the most likely to disrupt the potential for harmony their relationship.

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Whether it a marriage , a friendship or a working relationship, all the pros and cons hold true. However, compromise is also essential. Each will need to let the other take the lead from time to time. Finally, both Aries and Libra should be direct in their communication , talk about each other's feelings, and be willing to work through the inevitable differences that will arise. Aries and Libra are drawn to each other out of needs and desires that are unfulfilled in their lives. Such as an Aries' unconscious need and desire to experience the greater connection, love, support, and comfort that a Libra gives so freely, and a Libra's unconscious need and desire to experience the adventure, freedom, risk, challenge, and intensity that an Aries offers.

Beauty of both mind and body are important to them, and help balance the sensual and rational split side of Libra. Often Libra is so into being in love that they fail to notice all the different admirers and lovers that they are keeping held on to loosely. They are a sign that is often guilty of being attracted to or involved with more than one partner at a time and are one of the biggest flirts of the zodiac. Libra compatibility in a relationship is something the Libra is intent on finding in his own relationship.

Because of this, he likes exploring all the different small pieces of a relationship. Someone who can admire and respect this will be a step closer to attracting Libra. They like having these projects to get a chance to cultivate their own talents and taste of things. It makes sense, then, that the Libra wants someone who can appreciate this trait of theirs; if they have spent time working so much on mastering their own arts the least they can ask from a partner is that the partner respect it all.

The sign of Libra is a masculine sign and one that is more rational than purely emotional. The sign may at times seem contradictory because they are in love and enjoy sensuality but are fairly serious when it comes to ambition and improvement, at the same time. Libra is the sign of mediation and the scales, their ruling symbol, represent balance, justice and diplomacy, things that Libra care very much about. By nature they are quite courteous and good hearted, and in regards to this, they have a deep sense of justice, honesty, and fair play. No romantic gesture will be missed by him. Elegant and charming, with a refined esthetic sense, the Libra man will enjoy the pleasures of life with his partner.

Due to the Libran nature, their scales cause them to change from being fair and gentle to immediately becoming very argumentative. Listen to their side and they will quickly retreat back to their gentle manner. They are usually calm, and dislike fighting, however their ability to see both sides of a situation gives them a tendency to debate and argue. Their motivation is a desire to be fair.

In love, Libras are superb listeners. A lover who can keep up with the social life of the Libra will be a good match. Libras specialize in fairness, justice and harmony. They expect their relationships to be balanced, with an equal give and take.

Libra Compatibility

This is very important to the health and well-being of a relationship with a Libra. The Libra does not like being single or staying home by themselves. They serve their highest potential when in a partnership. Built for teamwork they will often love to play games as a team, start a business together or any other pursuit that involves working together. The Libra desires sexual experiences to be romantic and sensual, with a strong mental connection between them and their partner.

Libra in Love

Everything on Libra's love life and sexuality. Reports for emotional, sexual and mental compatibility of Libra with other signs of the zodiac. To discuss Libra compatibility we need to look at Libra in combination with each of the other sun signs. Each match has different strong and weak areas and its.

A love of luxury, Libras love silk sheets and candles. Creating a romantic environment will make a Libra feel more comfortable in bed and they will be more adventurous and creative when love making. If you want to seduce a Libra be social and open. Introduce them to others and try to avoid confrontations. They do not like aggression. Compliment them often.

Libra & Libra: Love Compatibility

The Libra often has a pleasant expression on their face, wearing a smile. Be sure to smile and say hello every time you see them. All Libras, men and woman, love to be admired, like jewels.

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They love going out, socializing and talking and often have a great many interests … theater, decorating, art, antiques, collecting, fashion, film, photography, etc. They love to talk and listen, often initializing a conversation. This sign loves to debate, but not for the sake of the argument in itself, but rather to express the alternate view. Libras magic is being able to see the multiple sides of a situation.

A Libras favorite subject however is often themselves. Anyone who shows interest in the subject of them will immediately win them over. Libras often have a sweet tooth, enjoying the pleasures of the palette and will enjoy a gift of candy and homemade baked goods. They have a tendency of being over-indulgent at times. They will enjoy fine dining, fine wines and travel. To attract a Libra share your thoughts and ideas.

Avoid foul language, insults and vulgarity of any kind. Be on your best behavior. They will notice how well you treat others, especially those in need. A Libra has some Sun Signs that they get along better with than others, although it is important to consider that the Sun Sign is only a small portion of the imprint that stars make on an individual.

Just because a Sun Sign match is challenging, difficult or unlikely does not mean it is impossible. The positions of Venus, Mars, Neptune, and all the other planets at the time of birth all influence personality. The most compatible signs with Libra are generally considered to be Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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Three years? We are here on this planet to learn about love. ResWc Zefggh on June 22, at am said:. I think every element has two signs of the same element that have better compatibility. Why are there 12 signs? Strengths : Similar hobbies.

Libras are outgoing individuals who love to have fun and party or travel.