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Astrology Om Sign up to be notified when the next Mundane Astrology Course is scheduled:. Tune in to Mark Metheny's radio show "Mark The Rabbit Hole" as we discuss what's really going on and why, as well as some of the forecasts from my recent webinar, Geodetic Forecast based on the Aries Ingress. By popular request, I am once again teaching a week limited capacity ONLINE course on the fundamentals of horary astrology for professional astrologers and astrology students around the world.

This course will not be taught again until mid This is a live online class, open to professional astrologers and astrology students around the world.

Sign up to be notified when the next Horary Astrology Class is scheduled:. By special request, I am giving a live webinar presentation on what lies ahead for the Republic of Turkey to a private group in Istanbul. A first look at what is in store for next year for the U. There are many methods in astrology to predict the outcomes of political elections; however, the track record of accuracy using many of those methods is often no better tossing a coin. In this webinar we will take astrological divination to a new level in predicting political contests through a step-by-step approach to determining the proper odds, polls, and rules to delineate a contest horary chart.

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Eastern time and 4 p. Pacific time with my special guest William Stickevers as we take our final look at the Presidential election as William will make his final predictions. By special request, I am teaching a 9-week limited capacity ONLINE course on the fundamentals of mundane astrology for professional astrologers and astrology students. Sign up to be notified when the next Mundane Astrology Class is scheduled:. From Kepler College: Election years are always hot, bringing out the increasingly divisive and violent splits in the fabric of American society that, by now, we know all too well.

Who will win? What will become of our world, in the United States and abroad? Join us for an unprecedented look at the upcoming political future of the United States. Bring your pressing questions, as these astrologers reveal their predictions for late-July's Conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia and the November election. Listen to the podcast here. Read the transcript here.

This will be a live online class, open to professional astrologers and astrology students around the world. Mark's guest Friday, July 31, is financial astrologer William Stickevers. Read the transcript from the show here. In this two-hour lecture, significant turning points of the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index from to are explored in regard to the United States' Horoscope to make speculations on the nation's economical, political, military and technological future.

The Cyclic Index has proven to be one of the most accurate predictive tools for mundane astrologers for determining global economic and political stability. Read more about the Webinar here. CKDU Listen to Part 1 of the podcast here.

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Listen to Part 2 of the podcast here. I was invited to be a guest on "The Astrology Show" to talk about the birth time of Jesus as I wrote about in my recent blog article. William started lecturing on the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index in In this lecture, significant turning points of the Cyclic Index from to are explored in regard to the United States' Horoscope to make speculations on the nation's economical, political, military and technological future.

Andre Barbault's Cyclic Index is the sum of all the angular distances between the pairs of the outer planets, from Jupiter through Pluto. Listen to the podcast excerpt here. Download mp3. For the full show click here. William states from an astrological point of view, we have entered the second stage of the Cardinal Crisis which began in The first stage was the crisis and breakdown; this second stage is the death and transfiguration; and the third stage will be the new renaissance. William will discuss what the renaissance-to-come will be in a real way to gain a better perspective on this process on a collective level.

William believes as a global community, if we gain a broad perspective on these radical shifts in the world, we can make informed choices that can truly affect how events play out on the world stage.

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He is the author of the best-selling Do It Yourself Astrology and The Astrological Oracle, which with his other books have sold over , copies. Or maybe the Moon is placed in Virgo, the sign of healing, and rules the 6th house of Cancer and is placed in the 8th house. Printable Signs from Printfree. They have ambition, strength, courage, independence and total security in their abilities. That's probably why these zodiac signs will have the worst Virgo season Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Related Astrological Terms:. Ice Age 4

I think everything you're saying is something that needs to be heard by the public. See my blog. UFO sightings have increased exponentially and there is more disclosure activity both outside and within the military industrial complex occurring at a rate never seen before We have entered the second stage of the Cardinal Crisis which began in Tune in to hear what this second stage is really all about, and what is to come in the third stage. From Robert Phoenix: "Today, our good friend, economic and horary astrologer, William Stickevers returns to share his updates on the dollar collapse and the rise of the maverick digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.

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In the second hour, we'll do some live readings. Please join us and get dollar wise. Is the beginning of a new time? Is it possible to restructure time and space? What is the natural rhythm of the universe? Where do we go from here? Join host and moderator Alan Steinfeld as he discusses these questions and others in terms of the evolution of consciousness with such as experts as:.

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David Katzmire — is creator of KalaRythms: charting the emotional, mental and spiritual cycles of the planet. William Stickevers — international astrologer, magician, futurist, motivational speaker, and published author will chart the Mayan 5th Age of the Sun and the upcoming shifts on the horizon of consciousness and what to watch for in terms of doorways of evolutionary changes.

Don Conreaux — is the Gong master, as he travels around the world creating uplifting sound vibration. His knowledge combines he Pythagorean use of sound and sacred geometry.

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Alan Steinfeld, moderator, has been the host of the spiritually based talk show New Realities for the past 15 years. He has interviewed many of the top leaders in the human potential movement. He feels the times that we are in now are creating vast changes in consciousness.

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He hopes this panel will shed some light and direction on these changes. For his latest interviews go to: www. So on such a special day, we have to have a special show and this one promises to be absolutley epic. All three are at the top of their games and offer unique insights into modern astrology.

William specializes in Horary, Black Box and predicitive astrology with an emphasis on the economy and geo-politics. Molly Hall is the astro-guide at about. Theo White's "Globalastrology" blog is recognozed the world over for its in-depth charting of the outer planets and their major cycles, focusing on the hard cardinal squares coming at us over the next decade and how it will impact all aspects of life on Earth.

We'll occupy four points of cardinal energy and form an initiatory mandala. Do You have a Question? Don't hesistate to ask it! Invited back on Robert Phoenix' radio show. The presidential candidates will debate the quality of the economic recovery and which candidate can more effectively restore U.

Also the mundane astrological indicators in regards to the current economic crisis will be considered to forecast the economy for the next U. From Robert Phoenix: "William fuses computer science and astrology to come up with boldly predictive models. This lecture was a benefit for Japan earthquake relief funds. Using Japan's chart as I have rectified it, I spoke about Japan's earthquake and nuclear accident in Fukushima in March , the approaching unprecedented period of change, and the crisis now facing Japan, as well as the predictions about the future of Japan from now through I was one of 3 featured speakers in a lecture event sponsored by the prestigious Funai Media Corporation.

By special request, I am teaching a 9-week limited capacity class 10 people only on traditional astrological horary technique. It will be held in the East Village of Manhattan. Verified Purchase. Hi everyone! To begin, I want to be very clear about the reason behind my 3-Star Rating A nice hardcover with vibrant duster included makes this material look very professional not to mention the book is pretty big , the information inside of the book is PRICELESS.

My goodness gracious when the author said "Instant Astrologer" he was not joking. I recommend allotting sufficient time for yourself to read through this and unless you simply do not have anything else to do except read all-day you may not complete in one setting. Honestly, I wish that I had started with this book to begin before making a hefty investment in all of the other astrology books that so elegantly grace my library. So my journey to instantastrologer. I have tons of books on how to create and dissect ones own natal chart, but I felt really excited at the idea that this book and CD would give me a shortcut.

The CD that comes with it is not Mac compatible. I contacted the publisher and they verified they have nothing available for Mac's at this time. Essentially pages are all based off of a chart that this CD produces. I used a birth chart generated through a free online website to try and follow along with this book. It would have been nice to have a chart that follows the book exactly though. I thought this book was going to have some explanation as to how you can create a star chart, if you knew where planets were on a particular day.

The introduction portion of the book is alright. I'd consider myself a beginner at best, in regards to reading charts and understanding the total concepts of Astrology. I also think the way that some of the content is presented, is worded very poorly and difficult to understand. In my opinion, this book is more of a paperweight than a good reference book. Save your money and buy something that does not require a CD. This is a wonderful book that teaches both the beginner and the more advanced. One can spend hours and hours just reading, as the book is very comprehensive and packed with information and insights.

The book is presented in a clear way and the quality of the paper is luxurious.

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The only drawback is that the cd seems to come in Windows only. I emailed the producers and never heard back from them. So if you have an Apple Mac, this purchase may not be worth your while, as it would take hours of reading the book to figure out an astrological chart. The fun is to punch in the details of someone's birth on the software and up comes your chart. Then one can go to the book and read the details if one wants to, though this is not necessary, as the software chart is detailed enough for most.

I would have liked to have seen a printable version of the astrological info that pops up on the software. Instead, the printable version gives only the highlights and then refers one back to the book for details. I liked the looks of it and the software enclosed is a real bonus Behold, they had it in stock and I ordered it.