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Scorpios, after all, are very emotional. The more you excite people, the more appreciated you feel.

November 14 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Since you are an outward-directed person, be on the lookout for people who would take indefinitely, and not give anything back. Believe me, there are emotional parasites out there.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. It is the case that November 14 man is a thoughtful person who is observant and caring. Emotionally, you are still a driving force that other people seem to find irresistible. Also, the writing is very descriptive and understandable. Being an industrious person, you like keeping the company of work-oriented individuals. Things can get out of hand when the lion is angered.

While you do have a tremendous capacity to give emotional warmth, support, and energy, you do have your limits. Unfortunately, many people born on November 14, end up with romantic partners that are emotional black holes. That is right. Beware of these people. Just like all other Scorpios, your primary element is water. This should not come as a surprise because it is a sign for emotional signs of the horoscope.

Your emotions rule your personality. As mentioned above, your personality is outward-directed. Thus, your emotions tend to focus on making other people happy. Still, if not properly managed, you may end up with people who would take advantage of the emotional energy you give off. This is a bit of a surprise because you are probably one of the warmest people your acquaintances and friends have met.

How come your main planetary influence is Pluto? Well, Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio.

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How it relates to your personality is that it has key parts that are unfathomable. This absence or whole can either be a negative or positive thing. It is positive in the context that it is very deep and limitless. That is precisely what is reflected in your personality and overall emotional intensity. You should avoid: trusting people who would use your confidence. These are people who would take your emotional warmth and give nothing back.

There are many people like this. You can make your dreams come true through patience, open-mindedness, and hard work. December 1, , to January 17, — Jupiter sextile your decan is a time of happiness and optimism when good things will seem to come more easily. Your interests and activities are likely to broaden and could include further study or long-distance travel.

You may find yourself more interested in religion, spirituality, politics, social issues and philosophy in general. You could increase your wealth through investments, business deals or plain good luck.

November 14 Zodiac

December 7 to 23 — Jupiter trine Uranus exact on December 15 brings lucky breaks and exciting encounters. This is a good time to try something new and different, from a new hairstyle to an overseas adventure. You can take risks and feel optimistic about success. You will have the extra freedom and willingness to push the boundaries and explore new territory.

This is an especially good phase of life if you feel your life has stagnated. You may already have anticipated something exciting on the horizon and been growing restless. Unexpected opportunities will offer a new path forward, satisfying your need for positive change. Your Scorpio Horoscope is based on planetary transits to Scorpio Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors.

January to March — Neptune trine your decan brings increasing interest in spirituality for up to eighteen months depending on your birth date. It makes you more compassionate, imaginative and idealistic.

You can follow a more spiritual path without giving up material comfort and security. Increased imagination is perfect for following creative or artistic pursuits.

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You can transform abstract or intangible images and ideas into something others can see or understand. You can connect more deeply at the spiritual level with your partner. If single, you could meet your ideal partner, a soul mate you can really connect with. Those born from November 5 to 10 will feel this transit most strongly during December 12, , to December 28, — Saturn sextile your decan brings achievement, recognition and steady progress toward your long-term goals.

You will find yourself taking a more responsible attitude to all your affairs, from work to partners and your family. This transit is ideal for expressing your leadership qualities and you may be called on to fulfill important duties. You will have the patience, stamina, and self-confidence to take on more responsibility. You may receive guidance and help from a father figure or play the mentor role yourself. Expect general stability in your life with low-stress levels. January 5 to July 1 — The January 5 Solar Eclipse will increase your personal power and effectiveness.

This optimistic, generous and creative solar eclipse will make it easier for you to promote yourself and reach your goals. It will remove barriers to your progress and bring valuable help from others, especially superiors and powerful people. This is an excellent solar eclipse for starting or growing a business.

Would the best time be in March since pisces rules the feet and it is very far from the head neck area where I need to have c3-c7 removed. I have been putting this off, but, I realize I need to have the surgery. I am completely and utterly lost. I just need some guidance when would be the exact best dates to remove and fuse. I have tried to figure this out on my own for the past two years. Well, I actually decided not to do it.

November 14 Zodiac – Accurate Birthday Personality Horoscope | ZSH

But, I realize I need to have this extremely barbaric , frightening surgery done. Atleast if I have a far enough date to really look to, I'm sure I could prepare mentally and physically. I wish you good luck and send you positive vibes! I am also an Aries April 6th. I had the same surgery I had crappy workers comp drs. You most likely have much better drs than I did!

I hope this surgery helps you!! Thank you for responding. I was never notified I had a response. I happened upon it by goggleing " okay Google, ridiculous right I was thinking March, but according to the climate, didnt realize it, but not a good time for sutguty. I'm so confused. I know the moon travels through the different signs monthly so, just because March is pisces rules feet far away from neck, doesnt necessarily mean thats the best time.

That's why I came here. I have faith in God, but also mother earth. Just something a little extra that is tangible. That's pretty cool your birthday April 6th. My stepmom was April 6th. Very difficult. She would have told me what to do. I had a second opinion and they said I need the surgery yesterday. So you said you didn't share very well with your surgery huh?

It's a barbaric surgery I don't know of too many success stories it's about A shot anyway I just need to find a date sooner than later at least now that I have the 2nd opinion my dad's awake to act like he cares I just need to be prepared mentally quit smoking which I started when I was 28 i am51 now so. There was stupid of me but sometimes we do stupid Things.

Like have this surgery hahaha is just hard to figure out I really need some Guidance about the days.

Decan 1 Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

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What would you suggest. Thanks to reaching out playing and I hope you get better as well.

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Blessings stay cool. Is that doable. I recently had Morton nueromas removed on sept 13 and my would has opened up and am still off my feet and elevated changing dressing daily. Someone said ii should have checked the stars. This also has to totally heal before my shoulder surgery.

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When would the best time be? My daughter is having her wisdom teeth removed today. She is a Sagittarius. Is this a good day for that for less pain?