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This is considered similar to a quintile. Zodica Cafe.

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It is particularly convenient in the practice of predictive astrol- ogy when using the current or up-to-the-moment positions of the planets, namely the so-called transiting planets chapter eleven , to regard M, Moon and Sun in terms of particular intervals of time. It is assigned to concerns that will get obstructed and come to a total halt. By taking both tests and comparing the scores, you can see which of the two is stronger in your basic nature. And finally, the Node is a personal point because its position at any time is determined entirely by the positional interrelation- ships among two other personal points, Sun and Moon, taken with respect to the Earth. Any information that you can offer would be appreciated.

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The main difference between Witte's Hamburg School and Ebertin's Cosmobiology is that Cosmobiology rejects the hypothetical Trans-Neptunian objects used by the Hamburg School and practitioners of Uranian astrology. Another difference is the significant expansion of Cosmobiology into medical astrology, Dr.

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Ebertin being a physician. The name of the book is The Combination of Stellar Influences. The original German title is Kombination der Gestirneinflusse.

In this endeavor, Cosmobiology utilises modern-day methods of scientific research, such as statistics, analysis, and computer programming. It is of prime importance, however, in view of the scientific effort expended, not to overlook the macrocosmic and microcosmic interrelations incapable of measurement.

Excellent Natal Midpoint Rules, by Robert Hand - Solunars

What is noteworthy about both Cosmobiology and Uranian astrology, which has developed along a different path technically, is their emphasis on critical analysis and testing by observing more clearly measurable or observable astrological correlations, rather than to simply perpetuate observations or assumptions written in historical astrological texts, a problem leading to widespread criticism of mainstream Classical Astrology.

Some have speculated that the term "Cosmobiology" was coined specifically to divorce its precepts from the manifold ambiguities of, and subsequent widespread biases against, Classical Astrology. Three prominent published Cosmobiological authors in the English language are German-American cosmobiologist Eleonora Kimmel , American cosmobiologist Aren Ober formerly Savalan , and Australian cosmobiologist Doris Greaves , all of whom have published texts in Cosmobiology based on their own substantial experiences.

See how large the distance is between degrees.

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Therefore, the various distances between cosmic factors will contrast dramatically with the most exact distances. This dial is also not useful for determining midpoints.

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Uranian Astrology uses midpoints, hard aspects, mathematical astrology dials, and 8 more planets (TNPs) than conventional astrology. The result is extreme. Uranian astrology primarily uses the hard-aspects family (, , 90, 45, 22½ Like Venus aspects to Mercury, MERCURY=VENUS/MARS is a personal .

However, one will find it a practical tool for quickly observing how exact current transits and directions are to each other and to the radical birth chart when these patterns form both harmonious halfsemi-sextiles, sextiles, trines and the hard aspects of conjunctions, oppositions and squares. Made of a heavy 10 mil laminated plastic, this dial is sold in 3 sizes which fit horoscopes printed from the Uranian astrology program AstrologicPC.

Uranian Astrology (Aspect Simple program) showing Thailand horoscope on Influenza 2009 VT v = AD/CE

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